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Sincere thanks to those of you who have already sent us your photographs. Since we can’t share them all in Camera itself, we’ve set up a Facebook page for them: Revue Camera
You can submit your portfolios if they’re unpublished or relatively unknown and combine a distinctive artistic slant with a sound command of photography.
To help them find an audience, we’ll publish the series we like most as slide projections on the Camera Facebook page. And one of them will be presented in each issue of the magazine.
There are no restrictions on subject matter or photographic method. This is not a competition, but submissions are subject to the Camera Publications rules as laid out below.

Rules for submitting your photos:

  • Everything must be sent to this address: portfolio@camera-publications.com
  • Send a minimum of 5 and a maximum of 10 photographs (uncompressed)
  • Files must be recorded in jpeg and must be between 300Ko minimum and 700Ko maximum
  • Each image must be named as follows: surname_first name initial_01.jpg, surname_first name initial_02.jpg, and so on
  • Add a brief note (100 words or so) explaining your photographic approach and giving the title of the series. If you are a professional photographer, provide a short biography
  • In the body of the email indicate your first name, surname, date of birth, profession, email address, phone number and website link if applicable


Each contributor declares him or herself to be the author of the photographs submitted. He or she must be the sole and exclusive holder of all rights to the images. Camera Publications cannot be held responsible for any breach of author’s rights.
Contributors transfer without charge the reproduction rights for photos published on the Camera magazine Facebook page and, if applicable, on the page(s) devoted to them in Camera.
The authors alone are responsible for the rights relating to the images they provide: submission of photographs is taken as indicating that contributors hold all rights necessary for the reproduction and publication of the images (in respect of major and minor persons, privacy, etc.).
Camera Publications cannot be held responsible for the use of images by a third party.

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