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Issue 23 – dec./jan./feb. 2019

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Baptiste Rabichon
Interview with Manon Klein

Champ libre
Justin Mortimer, Demiak, Jérémie Lenoir, Monique Pavlïn, Éric Manigaud, Richard Laillier, María Dávila Guerra, Gunnel Wåhlstrand, Guillaume Bresson et Wang Wusheng
By Mikaël Faujour

New Territories
Erik Madigan Heck
By Nathalie Herschdorfer

Portfolio N°23
Louis Tirilly, Âmes en paix, 2018
By Mikaël Faujour

Influence #1
Sabine Pigalle, Timequakes, 2012 et Nightwatch, 2015
By Bernard Muntaner

Influence #2
André Kertész, Distorsions, 1933
By Sandy Blin

André Kertész, Distorsions, 1984
By Robert Solyom

Prices & Residences
Vasantha Yogananthan, A Myth of Two Souls
By Michel Poivert

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